Nichicon's Business Strategies
Continuing Proactive Management in Growing Markets and Growing Regions Aiming to “Make the Strong Stronger”

Today, the electronics industry has moved into the age of “mega-selection.” This is the era of the “great shakedown” where only companies with substantial power that can respond immediately to changes in the market will be able to survive. In order to compete successfully in this era, Nichicon has recently been making proactive investments in upgrades of its foundation for future growth to promote company-wide structural reforms while promoting the integration of production bases and offices, as well as reorganizing its business according to the management strategy of “selection and consolidation.”

Nichicon’s business reorganization by “selection and consolidation” essentially means to “make the strong stronger;” that is, reinforcing the fields where we are technologically superior to other companies and even more highly valued by our customers, thus maximizing our competitiveness and corporate value. Based on the results of our reorganization, we have been devising proactive management strategies as our main approach to developing new products and expanding our sales in our top priority fields.